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Esther – Burning Down The House

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Als Esther 20 Jahre alt war ist ihr Elternhaus abgebrannt. Außer einer Fernbedienung und einem Telefon hatte sie nichts mehr. Wie es ihr ergangen ist? Das erzählt sie im Video.

Esther’s parental home burned down when she was twenty. She had nothing left but a remote control and a phone. Watch her story above.

Liam Lynch – Sexy and I know it

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Last summer Ellison and I captured the magnificent Liam Lynch and his ukulele. In addition, I found a classic 70s or 80s (I’m not quite sure)
TV crime flick. Song and flick work well together. Watch out for Liam.

Edit: The film scenes are from the 1972 movie “The Woman Hunter” starring Barbara Eden, Stuart Whitman and Robert Vaughn. You can find the movie here.

The Perks of the US Government Shutdown

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While the US shutdown is certainly a big issue for many people, it does have its perks. Under certain circumstances. If you live in the Bay Area, like biking and want to head to the Marin Headlands now is the time to do it. Why? Because the roads up to Hawk Hill are closed for cars at the moment. A wonderfully paved road only for cyclists and the occasional motorbike makes an amazing ride, especially on the way back down.

1/2 2013

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Die erste Jahreshälfte 2013 ist rum und ich habe hier ein wenig aufgeräumt. Alle größeren (und auch einige der kleineren) Projekte, an denen ich bisher 2013 beteiligt war, sind jetzt im Portfolio aufgelistet. Besonders neu: Ein Projekt zum Thema Nachhaltigkeit (klickt Sustainibility) und ein Werbeclip für eine Modenschau (klickt Runway 2013: Ignite) bei dem wir einige Mannequins verbrannt haben. Irgendwie paradox.

Kickstart Eyes On The Shore

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Lately I’ve been hanging out a lot with the guys from Eyes on the Shore. We were not only enjoying our company, but also producing some neat videos for their Kickstarter campaign. Today the first “Living Room Session” was published; a few more are yet to come. If you like their music and can spare a few dollars, make a pledge. If you like their music and can’t spare any dollar, share the link to their campaign. If you don’t like their music, go along and enjoy your day anyways. But before you do anything of the above, listen and watch them perform Breakaway.